Escape the Monotony: Save 70% and Enter the Eerie World of The Backrooms on Steam Now!

Embark on a journey through the mysterious and unsettling world of the Backrooms with our immersive walking simulator. Explore a series of Liminal Spaces and Backrooms Levels, each separated by Tapes (Chapters) that reveal new mysteries and challenges. Dive into this unique experience and uncover the unknown.

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The Secrets of Backrooms Awaits You: Enbark on a Journey through Mysterious Levels and Uncover the Unknown!

And more Tapes coming SOON:

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Impressive visuals, that contribute in delivering an immersive experience at all times! Mostly faithful recreation of iconic Backrooms levels, with Level 0 being the top pick.
Steam Curator
"That is awesome! What an amazing game, I cannot wait to see more about this because that is very well done, has exacltly what a i like in backrooms game."
They want to do a lot more tapes so we'll be watching, because i love it!

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